Precision Applique Technique

I will briefly explain the process of "precision applique" technique that was renamed from "micro fused applique" technique. This technique was used for miniature quilt but it can be applied for regular size quilt.
Applique design is done by using "Illustrator" drawing software with mouse instead of drawing brush. Drawing software is very convenient to design in detail even small part by enlarging, to modify and to print many copies with various ways.
The design data is used for pattern, guide as well as reference.

Print color design on freezer paper that becomes applique pattern pieces. Print white colored with black outline as "guide". Print full color one as reference for color and shape.

original digital design by using drawing software

add outline for pattern

white colored with black outline as "guide"

Cut printed design on freezer paper in each pieces with art knife. Put each pattern pieces on guide to recognize which pieces are right places. You can find pieces without numbering with color and shape.

Select fabric by referring color printed copy and iron freezer paper's pattern on it.You can use the same fabric for same color's patterns. Put fabric on fusible web sheet such as "Steam-A-Seam2". This sheet is three layered such as separator paper, fusible material and separator paper. You should remove one separator paper and put fabric on fusible material.
Cut fabric with sheet and iron it. I like iron well to make clean edge when I cut. However it becomes hard to adhere well without iron (nor heat).

Cut out patterns with fabrics and sheet. You should consider where becomes edge and goes under overwrapped part of other pieces. I sometime to make detail parts separately.
Put cut-out pieces on right places by using reference.

Put white fabric or separator sheet over guide that becomes applique base. Paste applique pieces without separator paper on base. I prefer to reuse separator sheet of Steam-A-Seam2. It is easy to see guide without light box. Guide is used where the pattern should be placed absolutely. The pattern on fabric also used where it should be placed relatively so that you should keep it.
I iron the piece just a part on separator paper if adhesive strength is weak. I heat piece when I use light box.
Don't iron overwrapped part so much, because it become difficult to remove a piece when you want to replace it.

Check colors after you remove patterns. Replace pieces if the color doesn't meet your image
I sometimes make some block of applique and assemble these if it is large size.
Here are completed blocks and final assembled one.

face block

assemble face block and hair block

completed applique

Here is the video to show how to make a simple rose applique.