Original Machine Embroidery

Quilts with machine embroideries may not be so popular now. We sometime decorate our quilts with original machine embroideries not using commercial embroidery data. We use Brother's software to create original embroidery data.

There are mainly two way to create embroidery data.

Manual punch

You can design freely by specifying sewing shape, direction and thread color. You can also create graduating part by specifying how to layer the adjoining part. This has high flexibility but requires higher skill

Auto punch

You can use the pictorial data created by other software such as illustrator. The software transforms pictorial data to embroidery data. You can adjust thread color and sawing direction if you don't satisfy the transformed data. You can't create graduating part like manual punch.

Embroidery size is limited by embroidery frame. We sometimes divide whole design to several embroidery patterns. These patterns are connected or overlaid at the edge.

Following photo shows 36inx12in embroidery made by 9 embroidery patterns.

Here is the video to show how I create original embroidery design by manual punch using Brother's software.